Single-Origin Coffee

coffee that takes you on a journey

Coffee is a big part of many people's days. It's also the first beverage many people enjoy upon waking up. Fidalgo Coffee is a specialty roaster that features proprietary blends as well as delicious single-origin/single farm coffees.


When you read or hear about single-origin coffee it simply means that that coffee is from a specific country of origin. That can be very broad when you consider larger coffee-producing countries like Colombia and Ethiopia which often feature one or more processing methods (washed, pulp natural) that often make a huge difference in cup profile.

A single-origin coffee that focuses on a specific coffee-growing farm is called: single farm coffee. Our single farm coffee is our Tierra Nueva Farm Coffee. Fidalgo Coffee Roasters buys and imports (direct trade) Tierra Nueva’s entire crop each year making us the only seller of this single farm crop.


The cup profile of a single-origin coffee depends on the region it's grown, the variety of coffee, the processing method, and, finally, the way it’s roasted and brewed. Most single-origin coffees are a blend of several coffee beans from different farms in the region and country they are grown.

In coffee, we have three major growing regions: Africa, the Americas, and Indonesia. When enjoying a single-origin coffee from a country in one of those regions you can expect to experience something of what that country’s coffee is famous for: Colombian coffee is known for being washed-process, arabica with classic, rich coffee taste. Sumatra coffees are typically wet-hulled which means the fruit is specially fermented before processing. This mutes the brighter acidic notes in the coffee. Single-origin, natural-process coffee from Ethiopia will often have the aroma of dried blueberries.


Single-origin coffee offers a unique perspective on the flavor of coffee grown in that country of origin. At Fidalgo Coffee we are currently featuring four single-origin coffees: a washed process Ethiopia and Tierra Nueva Farm Coffee (Honduras) as well as Koma Kulshan (organic, fair trade Honduras) and Organic Centro (organic, fair trade Peru). We often call our Organic Centro a blend as we roast the beans to two different darkness levels (light and dark) and blend those roasts back together (known as a post-roast blend). This gives a wonderful depth of flavor to this classic Pacific-Northwest-style coffee.

Blends are an art form for us at Fidalgo Coffee where we strive to help our customers enjoy that perfect cup. Fidalgo Coffee serves hundreds of professional coffee shop owners who rely on our coffee for a balanced and rich espresso beverage. Blends are the answer to that need for consistency year-round. Italian roasters are known for their blending skills. Fidalgo Coffee is influenced by Italian tradition with our use of natural-process Ethiopia coffee in blends like our Fidalgo Organic Espresso Blend, and our classic Fidalgo Gold which produces amazing crema when prepared as espresso.


Are you ready to wake up and savor the bold and exotic taste of Fidalgo Ethiopia, Koma Kulshan, Tierra Nueva, or Organic Centro? We can help you stock up!

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