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9 BAR Tasting Report

by Malcolm Anderson, Fidalgo Coffee Roasters Tasting Room Coordinator

Blending different types of coffee beans is like cracking open the world and discovering a vast array of options to create new and exciting flavors. Unlike other industries like wine production, coffee blending offers a more global palette to producers, free from baffling regulations and inherited laws. In the Fidalgo 9 Bar, we combine two unique growing regions to create a whole new flavor.

This 50/50 blend combines the sweet and subtle chocolate notes of Guatemala coffee with the winey, fruity, and bright acidity of fully-washed process Ethiopian coffee. These vibrant characteristics shine in a lighter roast, allowing you to focus on the “terroir” of the beans in your coffee experience. Blending coffee is an art, and the combination of these two very distinct origins is a wonderful example of that magic.

The Fidalgo 9 Bar is made up of 50% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adame Gorbota and 50% Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiestso, both fully washed, meaning the skin of the cherry is removed from the bean, and then thoroughly washed with water, removing any remaining pulp. Additionally, both coffees are certified organic, shade-grown, and fair trade.

Yirgacheffe is located in southern Ethiopia within the mountainous region of the Gedeo zone, ranging from 5500 to 6500 feet above sea level. Some of its unique flavors can include Meyer lemon, tangerine, blueberry, vanilla, and black tea. On the other hand, Huehuetenango is located on the border with Mexico at an elevation of over 11,800 feet, making it the highest coffee-growing region of Guatemala. Known as the “Place of the Ancients,” its flavor notes resemble chocolate, plum, caramel, almond, maple syrup, subtle spice, “woodsy,” and floral notes.

Fidalgo’s 9 Bar received a 92-point rating from The Coffee Review and quickly became a staple in Fidalgo’s featured specialty labels. Combining the Ethiopia coffee profile, with its wild berry notes and tangy citrus, with the Guatemala beans produces a complex, flavorful, and aromatic experience.

After cupping several batches of 9 Bar over time, some unique descriptors consistently show up: an unexpected scent of watermelon right after the grind and dark fruit flavors like blueberry, plum, and dried figs. Other notes include dark baker’s chocolate, toast, and red wine. The color is light, but the flavors are abundant. This is a great coffee for the taster who appreciates all the nuances and uniqueness these two regions bring together. Pair it with a lemon poppyseed scone, a slice of key lime pie, or a homemade PBJ!

Malcolm is a certified sommelier
Certified Sommelier 2nd level – Court of Master Sommeliers

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