Koma Kulshan Coffee from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters

A light-bodied, dark chocolate-colored coffee, Koma Kulshan has the wonderful aroma of cocoa, caramel, and milk chocolate. It is a perfect accompaniment to tiramisu; it also goes well with buttery scones, chocolate croissants, and chocolate truffles.

Koma Kulshan is an excellent choice for your pour-over, French press, or automatic drip coffee brewing method.

What is Koma Kulshan?

Koma Kulshan, also known as Mount Baker, is a 10,781-foot, glacier-covered, active volcano located in northern Washington State. Possibly no older than 80,000 to 90,000 years old, it is the youngest volcano in the Mount Baker volcanic field. After Mount St. Helen's, Mount Baker has the second-most thermally active crater in the Cascade Range. 

Mount Baker - Koma Kulshan

Koma Kulshan means "great white watcher."  Labeled "Le Gran Montana de Carmelo" by Spanish mariners in 1790, it may have been known by many different names before Americans in 1792 officially called it Mount Baker, 

Author Theodore Winthrop, who traveled from Victoria, British Columbia, to visit the Lummi people in 1853, recorded the name Kulshan. He called it a massive yet irregular, mound-shaped peak, worthy to stand as an emblem of perpetual peace between America and Great Britain. Later interpretations described the word Kulshan as a Lummi word meaning that the peak's summit has been damaged or blown off by an explosion. The name Kulshan may have been given to the mountain in ancient days to signify its bleeding wound upon its snow-covered sides.  

A popular climbing destination in the Cascades, the "Great White Watcher" is flocked to yearly by climbers eager to tame it.

Koma Kulshan Coffee

Named for the Northernmost peak in Washington, Fidalgo Coffee Roasters' Koma Kulshan coffee is Strictly High Grown (SHG). That means the beans are only grown at or over 1,200 meters (4,000) feet above sea level. The high altitude produces a more nutrient-dense bean with a much sought-after, vibrant flavor.

Low in acidity, Koma Kulshan coffee provides a smooth cup that's mild enough to be enjoyed in the afternoon. It's the perfect coffee to have with or as dessert.

Tasting Notes

With aromas reminiscent of mushrooms, herbs, and lemon, Koma Kulshan coffee has a delightfully rich chocolate flavor. The aftertaste is a pleasant lingering of cocoa powder with chocolate notes that compliments chocolate desserts and cakes or can stand very well alone at any time of day.

Coffee with Chocolate and Lemon Notes

Structured with notes of chocolate and malt, Koma Kulshan coffee is a fair trade organic shade-grown coffee.

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Koma Kulshan from Fidalgo

Roasting specialty grade coffee since 1992, Fidalgo Coffee Roasters began as a small coffee house dedicated to providing the best cup of coffee available. Headquartered in Burlington, Washington, Fidalgo's perfectly roasted coffee powers the lattes, cold brews, and mochas at many favorite coffee houses throughout Puget Sound and the United States. 

Giving back to the community, Fidalgo Coffee makes a difference with Tierra Nueva and Underground Coffee. Tierra Nueva Coffee Farm is a mission-based organization serving those on the fringes in Central America. It provides desperately needed work to over 50 families during the harvest and many individuals throughout the year. The mission of Underground Coffee is to help the population of Northwest Washington's Skagit Valley by interrupting mass incarceration. Through this program, drug and gang ex-offenders can find employment roasting and packing coffee for Fidalgo Coffee and Underground Coffee.

Fidalgo Coffee is certified kosher. In addition to Koma Kulshan, find other light and medium-light roast coffees such as Fidalgo Gold, Daybreak Blend, 9 Bar, Decaf Horizon, and Ethiopia; our medium-dark roasts, Organic Espresso, Island Espresso, Organic Centro, and Organic Breakfast; and dark roast coffees, including Seacoast Blend, Sunset Blend, Organic Italian, Organic French, and Organic Breakfast.

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters wants to bring joy to all with quality coffee that's good for both people and the planet.

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