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A Flavorful Drink and a Celebration of Spring

We’re all more than ready for springtime this year. Fidalgo Coffee Roaster’s delicious, flavorful coffee sustained us through the cold months. But now it’s time to put the frigid weather behind us and wade through drifts of vibrantly hued tulips, as we sip a java made just for spring.

The 2022 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has begun. It’s a wonderful seasonal celebration that takes place each year in and around the towns of Whitney, Fredonia, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Avon, and Skagit City, in the state of Washington. Locals love the festival and many visitors from across the continent make a trek to see the tulips an annual springtime ritual.

Our gourmet coffee company has established a related tradition. To do our part in support of the continuation of our home state’s tulip festival, we created a lovely, delectably flavored namesake drink, Fidalgo Coffee’s Tulip Festival Blend. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds from sales of our Tulip Festival Blend is donated to the non-profit festival’s operational fund.

Life doesn’t get much better than sipping specially blended coffee while feasting one’s eyes on masses of spring flowers. When you come to Washington for the Tulip Festival, remember to stop by Fidalgo Coffee Roasters and pick up an artist-designed package of Tulip Festival blend to share with friends. 

About the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Though tulips don’t always bloom on schedule, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival always runs from April 1st to April 30. The official website’s blog notes there should be blooms beginning by April 1 in 2022.  More varieties continue to debut throughout the month.

The festival has no central location. Scenic drives past the region’s expansive tulip fields are free. But there are brochures, maps, tours, and special events at local businesses to help you plan your trip and enjoy the celebration.   

About Fidalgo Tulip Festival Blend Coffee

When we designed this coffee we had a plan to capture the spirit of spring. We think you’ll agree, we met with success. Here is a hint of the experience you’ll enjoy with your first sip of Fidalgo Tulip Festival Blend coffee.

The Subtle yet Rich Flavor of Fair Weather Captured in a Cup

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters’ Tulip Festival Blend features a nutty fragrance. The aroma of roasted nuts and chocolate meld to set a pleasant tone as you take your first sip. Our Tulip Festival blend has a medium-full and balanced body. It features a clean flavor and low acidity.

The mild yet rich coffee leaves a pleasant hint of chocolate on the palate. Tulip Festival Blend coffee is a perfect choice for this delicate time of emerging blooms. – Or to evoke the optimistic spirit of spring in any season. 

Our coffee experts also note that the Tulip Festival Blend coffee has:

  • Good crema and balanced shot.
  • Makes a great Americano.    

Tulip Festival Blend is available in 12oz and 2lb. bags. 

The Artist Series Label

When you welcome Spring 2022 with a purchase of our seasonal coffee, Tulip Festival Blend, you get a free work of art in the form of the featured illustration on the commemorative package. Created by Camano Island, WA resident, Jack Gunter, the illustration depicts the beauty of our region’s landscape during tulip season, as enjoyed by a strolling couple.

Tulip Festival Blend Purchases Support the Event’s Future

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters is on the list of retail businesses and services which serve as Bloom Map sponsors. A portion (5%) of the price of every package of Tulip Festival Blend Coffee purchased will go to support the festival so it may continue through future years.

A Coffee Company That’s Conscientious About Sustainability and Community

Tulip Festival Blend and other Fidalgo Coffee Roaster blends support some worthy goals, globally and locally. Tulip Festival Blend is:

  • Certified Organic.
  • Fair Trade.
  • Shade Grown.
  • Kosher. 

Our support of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a Washington State non-profit organization, is a reflection of our sense of community. We hope you’ll visit our lovely region, during the Tulip Festival, or any time of year.

And while you’re here, purchase some Fidalgo Coffee Roasters Tulip Festival Blend Coffee. Take home a little taste of springtime in Washington State.

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