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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


Every year, we seek to find a special bean to be featured in our premium holiday roast. This year, we’ve found our match. Meet Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Acclaimed as one of the finest coffees the world has to offer, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is outstanding in its field.

To be considered Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, beans must be harvested from four specific parishes – Portland, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, and St. Mary. Additionally, coffee beans must be grown between the altitudes of 3,000 feet and under 5,500 feet on the highest mountains in the Caribbean. These altitudes make for a cool, misty, cloud covered, and rich volcanic soil environment which translates to a truly distinctive drinking experience. 

Exported in wooden barrels, green coffee is received then roasted perfectly to bring out the balanced body, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has sweet, complex undertones of chocolate and fruit leaving a pleasant aftertaste and aroma. We hope you enjoy this special limited time offering treat!

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