Build Your Own Whole Bean Coffee Box - 2 pound, 2 Pack


Build Your Own Coffee Boxes are here! 

Select two of your favorite 2 pound whole bean bags. 


9 Bar - Fair trade, organic, kosher.  Notes of Hibiscus, Ginger, Lemon, Caramel Rated 98 points on coffee review. 

Colombia - Notes of cherry, plum, lime, and chocolate. 

Ethiopia - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Notes of Bergamot, meyer lemon, honey.


Fidalgo Gold - Lively and full with notes of berry and honey. 

Daybreak Blend - Bright with notes of hazelnut and cocoa. 

Decaf Horizon - Water processed, all natural, no chemicals used ever. Smooth and malty with fruity notes. 

Koma Kulshan - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Structured with notes of chocolate and malt. 


Organic Breakfast - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Balanced with notes of cocoa and honeycomb. 

Islands Espresso - Balanced & smooth with fruity notes. 

Organic Espresso - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Balanced with notes of dried fruit and caramel. 

Organic Centro - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Rich and floral with notes of vanilla. 

Organic Decaf - Fair trade, organic, kosher.  Water processed, all natural, no chemicals used ever. Bold, smooth, full. 

Organic Light in the Darkness - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Roasted both smoky "dark" and complex "light". A portion of funds from this missional coffee go towards helping interrupt mass incarceration through artisan coffee roasting. 

Tierra Nueva Farm Coffee - Direct trade coffee straight from Alta Mira, Honduras. A portion of proceeds go directly back to the Tierra Nueva community to assist with leadership programs at the farm. 


 lSunset Blend - Bold with notes of chocolate and brown sugar. 

Seacoast Blend - Robust and hearty with notes of maple sugar. 

Organic Italian - Fair trade, organic, kosher. Rich with notes of dark cherry and chocolate. 

Organic French -Fair trade, organic, kosher. Assertive and semisweet with notes of molasses.