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Every year in America, hundreds of thousands of men and women are released from jails and prisons. But without quality employment, many of these lives remain in the “underground,” illegal economy. Then new crimes. New victims. Back to jail. Broken families. Expensive prisons. Nobody wins. 

 Fidalgo’s Underground Coffee is helping interrupt that cycle--with a unique blend of top tier coffee roasting and social enterprising. We proudly employ men and women leaving their conviction histories behind and rising into new lives, in Northwest Washington’s Skagit Valley. 


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Coffee is how we start new relationships, begin new conversations. 

Underground Coffee, with Underground Ministries, seeks to open more business markets, community connections, and personal relationships that interrupt the failed cycles of mass incarceration. All over a cup of coffee.

When you buy Underground Coffee, 5% of your purchase goes to Underground Ministries, our partners in this movement. 

Buy a coffee subscription and receive special thank you card from our team. 
Interaction with ex-gang member

One parish, one prisoner

In WA State there are roughly the same amount of prisoners as churches. What if every church wrapped around and embraced one prisoner, into their release and new life? It would be a new underground railroad. 

Underground Ministries is  partnering with the Department of Corrections, the Seattle Archdiocese, the North Coast Presbytery and other churches in a pilot program that's already begun.

 One way Underground Ministries opens these new relationships is through their new One Parish One Prisoner initiative, where community members throughout the Northwest are connected with individuals in within their last two years of their prison sentences, building mutual trust and discovering one another through the reentry process.