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Coffee is the most popular beverage in the US

59% of all coffee consumed in the US is specialty

Out of home coffee consumption reached a new high of 46% in 2017

*NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends 2017 www.ncausa.org


Members of:

The Specialty Coffee Association
The National Coffee Association
The Pacific Coast Coffee Association
The Barista Guild of America
The Roasters Guild of America

Our core business at Fidalgo Coffee Roasters is helping our enterprise clients serve the specialty coffee consumer market. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value and customer service within the specialty segment.

Fidalgo Coffee produces specialty roasts from light to dark, blends and single origin micro-lot. Espresso and traditional drip coffee service. We are an equipment supplier and support partner as part of our enterprise solution in specialty coffee.

When you work with Fidalgo Coffee, you have a partner in coffee who is focused on your unique business needs, goals and problems. We bring an understanding of food and beverage, the coffee industry and the business of coffee.

Specialty coffee is a key driver, and often a top driver, of revenue and profit for food service operators today.

  • We work with Directors of Food & Beverage, Executive Chefs, General Managers, Owner Operators, Baristas, and Restaurant Managers.
  • Fidalgo serves many of America’s largest and most prestigious hotel properties from coast to coast.
  • Fidalgo serves restaurant operators and chain operators with traditional brew and espresso service.
  • Menu support, product and safety training. Helping restaurant clients serve guests with the type of specialty coffee that guest expect from today’s operator.
  • Loaned brewing equipment at no additional charge with usage agreement. National technical service, installation, repair and support.
  • American style auto drip brew, hotel and restaurant brewing systems included at no additional charge with usage agreement.
  • Fidalgo has unique expertise and capabilities with Cold Brew Coffee, systems, RTD beverage manufacturing, systems on loan for on-site brewing, training and product support.

Fidalgo serves the café espresso bar market with menu support aimed at the US specialty coffee market.

  • Coffee house, espresso drive-through, espresso bar, kiosks and stands
  • Certified barista training and support.
  • Two training centers: Seattle’s Pioneer Square and a second at the company’s Burlington Roastery.
  • Espresso equipment sales and support with national service, espresso equipment repair and tech support

Fidalgo works with top gourmet specialty retailers, co-ops, grocers and food markets, with coffees. Serving the market with both beans and ground coffees to suite consumer taste for specialty single origin coffees, organic/fair trade certified coffees and RTD cold brew coffee beverages.

  • UPC, roast date, and 120 day best buy date on all packaging
  • Retail display racks
  • Custom retail display
  • Ad marketing support
  • Social media support
  • Radio support in select markets