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About Us

Annual Roasting Production

450,000 pounds

Number of Employees




Our Coffee


Fidalgo Coffee Roasters is a specialty-only house. This means we only work with specialty grade coffees as defined and classified by SCA classification , coffee that is free of primary defects and with a notable taste. Fidalgo Coffee buys from origin both conventional specialty and FTO (fair trade, organic) specialty coffees. Fidalgo buys from co-op producers and from small owner operator producers for coffees like Fidalgo 9 Bar, Colombia Single Farm Micro-Lot and Ethiopia Micro-Lot. Fidalgo Coffee has a direct-trade partnership with Finca Alta Mira in Honduras where Fidalgo purchases this farm’s entire crop each year. This program has been in effect since 2014. The Fidalgo Roastery meets or exceeds all EPA, Washington State Department of Agriculture and OSHA requirements.


Fidalgo supports sustainable production at the producer by buying and selling certified organic, fair trade certified, shade grown coffees. Fidalgo Coffee is a licensee of Fair Trade USA . All of Fidalgo Organic Coffees are also certified fair trade by Fair Trade USA. Fidalgo verifies its shade-grown coffee by company sponsored farm visits and photos from its buyer’s farm visits to source country of origin.

Batch Roasting

Fidalgo roasts from the first to the second crack. You’ll see this with our roasting designation from: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark. All coffee packages feature a Roasted On date as well as a Best By date.

Roasting Style

Fidalgo roasts from the first to the second crack. You’ll see this with our roasting designation from: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark. All coffee packages feature a Roasted On date as well as a Best By date.

Our Company

Mission and Core Values

It’s our company mission to roast and sell excellent coffees that people love—the kind we like to drink with friends and family. We strive to create new customers for the company and to grow the business with a triple-bottom line. We take pride with our world famous customer service—and we’ve earned a reputation for customer loyalty because of that. Fidalgo Coffee is a fun place to work. We believe in doing our job well and in helping each other. We keep sharp in the industry by developing professionally and by setting big goals. Fidalgo Coffee values community and supports great institutions like: Northwest Harvest, Virginia Mason Foundation, Seattle Childrens, Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland, and our own make-a-difference-program called Underground Coffee.

Make A Difference

Fidalgo Coffee is partnered with Tierra Nueva, a non-profit mission based organization that serves those on the fringes in central America and back home in Skagit County with Underground Coffee. Tierra Nueva operates a coffee farm in Honduras –Finca Alta Mira. Fidalgo Coffee is the sole customer for their 8-10 thousand pound annual harvest. Fidalgo Coffee CEO, David Evans sits on their board. The Underground Coffee program was originated out of the Tierra Nueva mission with its jailhouse ministry and continues with that personality. The Underground Coffee mission is to help that population and community with one of the most complex problems in society. They call this interrupting mass incarceration—with a focus on drug and gang ex-offenders in the Skagit Country area.

Fidalgo employs people in this program and those employees roast and pack coffee for Fidalgo and its brand—Underground Coffee. This program creates gateway employment for men and women exiting the legal system. Underground Coffee is an outreach program and brand by Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Inc. the website is at www.underground.coffee .

Fidalgo Coffee Roasters is proud to host and operate Underground Coffee, the flagship enterprise of Underground Employer Network—inspiring employers in Northwest Washington to hire released prisoners and help interrupt mass incarceration in our communities.

Company History

1992 Founded in Anacortes, Washington. Operating as a coffee house roastery retailer. 1995 Moved operations to Mount Vernon, Washington . Operating as a coffee house roastery retailer. Began working with espresso retailers and restaurants as wholesale coffee roaster. Installed a 50-pound batch drum roaster. 2003 Moved operations to Burlington, Washington. Operating from company owned 11,000 square foot wholesale coffee roastery with a retail roastery outlet store. Changed operating hours to Monday – Friday. Began direct importing of coffee from Peru. 2005 Entered hospitality hotel market with specialty coffee and equipment programs. 2007 Entered market with consumer packaged coffees to specialty retail. 2008 Entered the greater Seattle market with direct route delivery and wholesale account representation. 2010 Installed a second 100-pound batch roaster. 2011 Added national direct distribution for continental US with free shipping and loaned brewing equipment to qualified accounts. 2014 Opened Seattle Tasting Room and Sales Office in Pioneer Square. Formed partnership with Tierra Nueva/Underground Coffee program. 2015 Installed a Cold Brewery and Cannery at the company’s Burlington Roastery. 2016 Launched Fidalgo Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in kegs and ready to drink cans to the Puget Sound Market. Installed a micro-lot drum roaster with 4-pound batch size to serve the high-end market for single-farm coffees, rare and expensive coffee including 100% US Grade Extra Fancy Kona. 2017 Enters Los Angeles foodservice market as a direct-to-operator specialty coffee wholesaler.