9 Bar Coffee

Amazing Aroma - Delicious Flavor

Do you enjoy light, floral coffees with hints of caramel and dried fruit? If so, 9 Bar Coffee from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters deserves a spot on your "must try" list. This medium-light roast coffee is a blend of Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans. Its complex nature and nuanced balance appeal to customers and reviewers alike. In fact, it recently received a score of 92 points from Coffee Review. All in all, 9 Bar is a versatile blend you'll love having in your rotation.


This coffee's name is a subtle nod to the espresso machine, one of the greatest inventions of the coffee world. Espresso machines work by forcing water through the coffee grounds at a high pressure. Many espresso machines operate at a pressure of 9 bars. This pressure is one element that gives espresso its lovely complexity and creaminess. For many coffee drinkers, that complexity is what draws them to espresso — and we hope it's what draws them to 9 Bar Coffee, as well!


9 Bar Coffee is a blend of 50% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Adame Gorbota and 50% Guatemalan Huehuetenango Adiestso SHB coffee beans. 

Ethiopian coffees are known for being bright, fruity, and aromatic. These characteristics certainly shine through in 9 Bar Coffee. The way a coffee is washed has an impact on its final flavor. Many Ethiopian coffees, including those used in 9 Bar, are fully washed, which really helps break down the sugars in the coffee beans and bring their flavors to life. 

Guatemala has a really high altitude and volcanic soil. As such, the coffee grown here is truly rich and complex. Guatemalan beans add a full mouthfeel and nuttiness to 9 Bar Coffee.

All of the beans used in 9 Bar Coffee are Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Kosher. This is a coffee you can feel good about — and a coffee that will make you feel good, too.


When you receive your 9 Bar Coffee, we highly recommend cupping it to enjoy the more nuanced flavors and create your own tasting notes. 

The predominant flavors are those of hibiscus, ginger, lemon, and caramel. As a light roast coffee, 9 Bar has some acidity and can be described as lightly juicy. It has a naturally smooth mouthfeel, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer their coffee "black." Let each sip linger on your tongue, and you'll notice an aftertaste of pecans and carnations.


Coffee Review, founded in 1997, is a highly respected name in the coffee industry. They conduct blind cuppings of coffees from around their world and release their reports each month. Coffee Review reviewed 9 Bar in June 2020, and the results were stellar.

Ultimately, Coffee Review awarded 9 Bar a score of 92 out of 100 points. They described the coffee as having layered depth, which fits considering the blend of high-quality beans used in its creation. Coffee Review gave 9 Bar a score of 9 for Body and Flavor, and a score of 8 for Aroma, Acidity, and Aftertaste. We're proud of those numbers, and once you taste 9 Bar, you'll understand why.


You can purchase 9 Bar Coffee from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters. We offer this lovely blend in convenient, 12-ounce bags. For the best experience, we recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself. However, we do sell 9 Bar in a variety of grinds, including an Espresso Grind and a French Press Grind. 

Purchase 9 Bar from Fidalgo Coffee today, or Subscribe and Save 35% on your purchase of 4 bags of 9 Bar. Contact us with any questions about this or our other Fair Trade coffees.