2LB. Breakfast - Club Bag

2lb. Breakfast Blend

Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown Coffee ☕ by Fidalgo Coffee Roasters

Many of our customers seek the perfect batch of beans to rise and grind to early in the morning. Our Breakfast Blend is a “post roast” with three distinct growing regions.

Description of the Blend:
As mentioned, the Organic Breakfast Blend is a “Post Roast,” – meaning different coffees of origin are roasted separately and then combined after roasting. This allows the roaster to focus on the time and profile of each coffee origin individually. This is the type of roasting and blending we are known for at Fidalgo Coffee. We like the balance and taste of a well-crafted blend.

Blend Components:
One component is Nicaragua Sabor de Segovia, sourced from family-owned cooperative farms. The beans are roasted dark and add nougat, molasses, and brown sugar notes to the impending combination.

The second component is a separate batch of lighter-roasted Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee beans known for a milk chocolate and tropical fruit profile.

Finally, we have an extra fancy Colombia Supremo in this blend, which provides a rich layer of roasted nuts and citrus.

All three of these coffees are fully washed Arabica and dried in the sun. Each producer has their own farm processing where they carefully harvest cherries, de-pulp, ferment, wash, and dry the coffee before making the trip to the mill for export, and finally to our roastery in Burlington, Washington.

Tasting Notes:

This signature blend is delicious in almost any brew method. French Press brought out all the wonderful toffee and honey-wheat flavors and at a fine grind for espresso, it showed a robust golden crema and yielded an interesting winey-nutty combination on the palette, ending in a rich lingering cocoa finish. Try it in your favorite brewing method and pair with Golden Belgian Waffles, fresh fruit, and maple syrup. Enjoy!

More Information:

Bag Size:2lb.
Roast Level:
 Medium Dark
Body: Bold With Notes of Cocoa & Honeycomb
Growing Region: Blend of Central and South American coffees
Distinctions: Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Arabica, Kosher

Fidalgo Coffee is certified Kosher–Parve year-round, excluding Passover, under the supervision of the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle.

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