The Extra Degree Makes The Difference

At 211° water is hot. . .

At 212°, it boils.

The one degree makes the difference.


At Fidalgo Coffee our mission is to bring joy to all with quality coffee that’s good for people and good for the planet.

One way we deliver on our promise is by offering you exceptional cups. Did you know our cups are made in America with pure USA ingredients? The ink on the outside is made from US soybeans. 

From a liability standpoint, have you considered the importance of the cups you serve coffee in?

The difference between hot water and steam is one degree. The difference between Fidalgo cups and overseas imported cups is a penny. Purchasing local, sustainable product is priceless. Click Here to download an information sheet about the benefits of purchasing Fidalgo cups.


We invite you to join us in striving for excellence in every aspect of business. To reorder or to discuss adding Fidalgo cups to your next order, contact us at: 

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