The Coffee You Love

True love exists in business. It happens when a company and its customers are amazingly grateful to have each other. Thank you for loving our coffee and for being a part of the Fidalgo Coffee community. We love you back!

Fidalgo Coffee is in the business of being the best part of your day. We want your experience with us to be a joy. Every month when you receive your coffee shipment and open the box, we hope it brings a smile to your face because you know you received a month of daily delights. The coffee you love.

Delivering happiness is unique to you. Are you someone who wants to consistently receive the same coffee with every shipment? Or do you like spontaneity? For a fun surprise, how about ordering our seasonal Tulip Festival Blend?

Fidalgo Coffee Tulip Festival Blend

The Tulip Festival Blend is roasted dark to bring out smooth, bold, and full notes. Certified organic, fair trade, shade-grown, and Kosher. Available in 12 oz and 2 lb. offerings shipped directly to your doorstep.


The Fidalgo Coffee Team is here to serve you. Contact us at: To keep up with our latest news and deals, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

We have a true love for the work we do, because of you!

Forever grateful,
The Fidalgo Coffee Team

January 31, 2022

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