Fidalgo Coffee Orange Spice Mocha

How to Make an Orange Spice Mocha

Cozy up this fall season with a warm and festive drink straight from the Fidalgo Coffee kitchen: Orange Spice Mocha


  • 3 tbsp Fidalgo Coffee Orange Spice Mocha Mix
  • 1-2 shots of Fidalgo Coffee 
  • 2 cups Dairy or Dairy Alternative. 
  1. Add two tablespoons of Fidalgo Coffee Orange Spice Mocha Mix in the bottom of the cup. 
  2. Pour in 1-2 shots of your favorite Fidalgo Coffee. 
  3. Steam your milk or milk alternative. Add the foamed milk to the cup. 
  4. Dust the top of your drink with Fidalgo Coffee Orange Spice Mocha Mix. 


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October 15, 2020 — Ellya Camarillo
Ready to Sell Summer?

Ready to Sell Summer?

Welcome to June!  In anticipation of summer, Fidalgo Coffee is delighted to bring our taste of the season, Summer Blend to your grocery store.

With the rush of increased business and all you are doing, have you considered the many ways customers can incorporate coffee into their grocery list?  The longer, sunny days, plus so many still working from home, offer more ways to enjoy coffee: 

  • Hot coffee in the morning,
  • Iced coffee in the afternoon,
  • Cocktails around the BBQ,
  • As an ingredient with baked goods throughout the day.

As our business partner, let us know how we can assist you in merchandising and serving your customers with Fidalgo Coffee.  Let’s discuss strategies to make this summer sizzle with sales.     

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June 02, 2020 — Ellya Camarillo