Summertime is HERE!
Pictured are my daughter Darby and her puppy Roger at Double Bluff Beach
It's Summer and at Fidalgo Coffee we share stories among team members who like to get out on the water, fishing or playing. Hiking trails from Artist Point, Cougar Mountain and all around Chuckanut mountain.

We share BBQ recipes from brisket and ribs to salmon and oysters. These are some of our stories of summer around the company this time of year. If you want ideas for oysters (cooked and raw) I'm happy to share tips with you :)

When it comes to coffee, we hear calls for coffees that work with cold brew, iced coffee, and of course that classic pot coffee on a Saturday morning. Fidalgo Summer Breeze is perfect for that. You can fill a thermos and hit the road, trails or water with this easy drinking blend from our roastery team.

Hope you have some plans to get outdoors this summer and make memories with your family and friends this summer. 


Warmest, Darryl / Fidalgo Coffee

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